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The following is a translated quote from the Tablets of Prophecy beginning on tablet 12 side 1 and ending on side 2 of the same.

The world of Light and Darkness, Hikarino'Yami, has been battled for many times since the beginning. The three Great Ones: Light, Darkness, and Balance all want to control this world as it is the heart of Manabio's spirit field, the spirit field controls the very essence of this Plane and this means that if one of the three has complete control of it they have complete control of this Universe.

Light enjoys bright light, intense heat, and followers who believe him to be all mighty with no proof. He sees Good as meaning being obedient to others without having a reason behind their orders, without expecting any reward, and if you do get a reward you give it all to him.

Darkness prefers the deep blackness of night, ice cold temperatures, and followers who prove themselves to be loyal to him and able to carry out his orders. He sees Good as meaning do whatever you want especially if it hurts others, never show any kindness to others and only obey him.

Balance prefers to wander between both bright and dark, hot and cold, and her followers are expected to be accepting of others' beliefs and culture. She sees Good as doing what seems best at the time, trying not to hurt others if it isn't necessary, and simply going with the flow of things.

The peoples of Hikarino'Yami failed to keep the Statutes of Balance and allowed themselves to be put under the powers of Darkness thus the Oracle of Balance does speak to her few remaining followers saying "When the darkness has ruled for five centuries the power shall shift to the Light following the passing of the Comet of Dawn. Then shall the Light rule for five centuries. One year before the end of Light's rule under the eye of the passing Comet of May an agent of Balance shall be born as will her brothers: one an agent of Light the other an agent of Darkness. These three siblings will each have been blessed by the powers they fight for and will have many battles in the following year. The sibling who stands victorious at the end of the year is the champion of the power that will rule this world for the rest of eternity.
This is not fiction, it is part of my recordings of actual events and lore from the Plane of Manabio. I only put it in the Fiction category due to this world's lack of understanding of the Multiverse.

No money is to be made from sharing these records, nor shall anyone, myself included, claim to own any person, place, thing, or event that is contained within them, unless of course you are one of those people in which case: Welcome to this world, Planeswalker, I hope you enjoy your visit and that I have accurately recorded these events please feel free to inform me of any inaccuracies so that I may correct them.

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