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My name is Michiyo Sentakubunya, Champion of Balance, I was born early this morning under the passing Comet of May. I'm not even a day old and already I've seen many things that few ever have or will have the privilege to see.

My brothers were both born before me, one at 00:15 and the other at 00:30. By the time I emerged into this world at 00:45 they both looked like they were 5 years old.

By 01:00, I too had grown to the appearance of being 5 years old. Our mother gave each of us child sized robe similar in style to those that a priest wears while taking confessions, except they were green instead of black. Once we had all put on our robes our mother led us through a maze of hallway.

As we walked she said to us, "My children, your birth has been awaited for many years by many people. We are on our way to meet with the High Priests of all three Prime Deities, such a meeting is extremely rare because the three Prime Deities are all on opposing sides of a war that has lasted since the beginning of all existence.

We soon arrived at our destination, the HUGE double doors of the cathedral's inner sanctum, the true main chapel where the priests meet with their deity.

A deep voice that seemed to come from the door itself boomed "Enter and discover your true selves, oh Chosen Ones, children of fate.
The Year of the Champions has finally come.

This is not fiction, it is part of my recordings of actual events and lore from the Plane of Manabio. I only put it in the Fiction category due to this world's lack of understanding of the Multiverse.

No money is to be made from sharing these records, nor shall anyone, myself included, claim to own any person, place, thing, or event that is contained within them, unless of course you are one of those people in which case: Welcome to this world, Planeswalker, I hope you enjoy your visit and that I have accurately recorded these events please feel free to inform me of any inaccuracies so that I may correct them.

First: Neutral 00 - Prophecy
Next: Balance 02 - Childhood
UseTheBrakes Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013
This seems quite interesting indeed. I'll keep reading.
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February 15, 2013
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