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Ring, ring… ring, ring.  The Meta-human Villainy Response
Agency’s phone was ringing loudly.  I answered it. “Hello, MVRA.
Agent DNA speaking.”

A very distraught man was on the other end of the line.  “Hi, there
is a very strong, fire-breathing woman here at the bank destroying
large amounts of money.”

“Ah, that would most likely be Dark Gene she’s been a thorn in my
side since I was 1 month old.  A team of agents will be there
shortly.  I wouldn’t mess with those villains if I were you.”

As soon as I hung up I briefed Draco on the details of the
assignment.  Then I transformed into a dragon, and we were off to

As a note to those who haven’t read my previous log entries:  I
am able to modify my DNA into any form in order to become anyone or
anything.  I have been fighting crime since I was two weeks old.  At
one month old I went to a museum and a dragon egg hatched and named
me it’s Rider. That dragon’s name was Draco.

As we neared the bank we split up.  I took the front entrance and
Draco stood ready to pounce on the roof.  I was in the form of a
sci-fi bounty hunter in high tech battle armor1.  I saw
great piles of burning money.

“Just because you don’t like an economic system doesn’t give
you the right to terrorize the people who use it, Dark Gene” boomed
the PA system throughout the massive banking tower.  The reason for
this is that Draco had psychically hacked the bank’s computer

“Come out, come out wherever you are.”  I said as I reached out
with my mind to attempt to “see” the energy signatures made by
the villain’ minds.  My probing revealed that there were two people
on the 13th floor, one was fading fast. It was the bank
manager and he only had about 35 minutes to live. It would take me 5
minutes to heal him so that gave me 30 minutes to defeat the villain
that was there with him.

I ran to the stairs, no time for waiting on the elevator now.  The
door was open so I turned on my speed booster, ran to the hole in the
middle of the spiral staircase and jumped straight up to the
thirteenth floor.

Then there was a setback. The thirteenth floor was on lockdown but
there was still hope there was a slight gap between the floor and the
very, very, very heavy slam-down door.  Bye-bye futuristic battle
suit; hello super strong rock-body2.

With the new form I easily lifted the door and was face to face with
the villain.  I checked my mental timer, I still had 25 minutes.

“So we meet again this time the dragon will not be able to save you
so easily. Seeing how he is busy in the sky with my ally, Thorn of
the red dragon tribe. It seems they had quite a fight in a previous
life.” said Dark Gene.

I began assaulting her mind while turning a nearby desk light into a
sword made of Draconium. I then slashed savagely as I said “Never
make a deal with a red dragon for they are evil incarnate and are a
blight to the honor of dragons. Didn’t you read your dragon lore
before you sought out a dragon to help you in your dark deeds? I
suppose you’ve agreed to help resurrect the black dragon when
you’re done here. Well I won’t let you. DARKNESS SEAL!!!!!!!”

Suddenly a small stone tablet appeared where she was standing on it
was written “Dark Gene, Minor evildoer, captured for scheming to
end the world with at least one red dragon.”
Then I healed the
bank manager, repaired the damage caused by the villains, and went to
help Draco. By the time I got there Thorn had got away.


To Be Continued…
1 = source: Samus Aran from Metroid series by Nintendo.
2 = source: The Thing from the Fantastic Four by Marvel

When I wrote this for a school assignment a couple of years ago I was planning on writing more about this adventure, however I never got around to it and I have since then lost interest in continuing this story. I may one day come back to this story but I probably won't.

Typed in OpenOffice and then copy pasted into Writer for an easy preview, some formatting changes were made after the copy paste to correct a couple things that failed to copy.
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December 23, 2012
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